There are over 12,500 day care nurseries and pre-schools in the UK at present and the need to get your setting noticed is more critical than ever. Parents are ever more tech rich and time poor, so the importance of providing your details in a fast and efficient manner is vital.

Many online directories charge membership and subscription fees, but we don’t. This is a completely free service for parents, nurseries and pre-schools. To create your showcase page, simply register your nursery name and fill in the details on the online form (this takes no more than a few minutes) then simply click Submit.
Your page will be created, with images that you have chosen, your logo, an introduction to your setting and some of the key features that you offer. If you have more than one setting, you can simply add additional sites under your account, and revisit the pages whenever you like to make changes and update your details. And it is all free!
You may already find your details are on the site, then you will just need to claim that nursery as your own via the link on the nursery page. If your details are not on the site, you simply need to enter them in the online fields and your showcase page will be created and help drive prospective parents, guardians and carers to your website. aims to provide all of the necessary information to prospective parents, guardians and carers. Please answer all of the questions as comprehensively as you can so that we can provide thorough, clear and concise information, quickly and easily. And remember to include your website address and contact details so that parents can call or email you directly to arrange a visit. – simple, easy to use and free.

How it works

Register your Nursery

Find your nursery using your nursery’s name and claim it, creating a secure password to create your online account.

Create Content

Complete the simple online questions and add any logo, text and pictures to create a complete and informative profile.

Next Steps

Review your page and click submit to go live. You can add additional nurseries to your account if you have more than one setting. Make updates!