“Recent events have been very difficult for nurseries, and we appreciate that it is essential that they have the opportunity to provide the necessary reassurance to parents and carers that their settings are a safe place for your children. To support this, we now offer all nurseries that subscribe a section on their page specifically for them to provide this information, and hopefully quell any concerns you may have when making your decision.

All page content about the nursery is written by the nursery, and will provide you with a head start when creating your shortlist. Each nursery has the opportunity to enter the same information so that parents get a like-for-like comparison. We want to avoid endless lists of search outcomes, confusing terminology, industry speak and moral preaching about the rights and wrongs of using day care.

Our primary aim is to simply support your search for the day care nursery or pre-school that best suits you and your family.”

Julia – Co-Founder